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The Brad Gillingham 12 week Raw Bench Program

Enter 1 rep Max Bench Press for Lifter 1

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Enter 1 rep Max Bench for Lifter 2 (optional)

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Heavy Bench Day


Heavy Bench Date

Heavy Single Weight - Lifter1 Heavy Single Percent Working Sets Weight - Lifter1 Working Sets - Percent Working Sets - Reps
Heavy Day: After warm up sets, do the heavy single for the day followed by the working sets for that day.

Light Bench Day


Light Bench Date

Light Bench Weight - Lifter1 Light Bench - Percent Light Bench - Reps
Light Day: After warm up, follow the working sets for the day.


Brad Gillingham is a world ranked USAPL super heavyweight.  He developed this bench program.  This program along with other powerlifting programs, information, and helpful products can be found at Brad's gym at http://www.jackalsgym.com 








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